Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3 Habits that Internet Marketing Professional should develop

Internet Marketing and SEO are the fields having lots of potential to grow in next decade. If you are already in this field then first congratulate yourself!

However it is more likely to prepare our self for tremendous growth in future and for that few habits that we should develop which help us in the future.

(1)Share only when you read It:
Let me share my personal experience here. Previously I was keep sharing many interesting post on Social Media platforms like twitter and Facebook just by thinking that will read those later on. But I was wrong!!

So back in October 2010 I decided and gave commitment to myself that I will share only those posts which I have gone through and which I have read.

Where I improved?
• Now I know what it written in those posts which I have shared on Facebook and Twitter.
• It insists me and encourages me to read more
• Ultimately my knowledge has expanded

(2)Three Articles or blogpost before going to Bed:
This is necessary and you can decide your own number. I have decided that I will read at least 3 blogpost or articles before going to bed and I am successfully following this from last 3 months.

Where I improved?
• I am developing reading habit through this and believe it or not but reading is mandatory to survive in Internet Marketing and SEO field.
• My reading speed has been increased

(3)Have some Safe Savings to invest in Self Development :
Many people will not agree with me here if they think that spending for self development is limited to school and collage only. However I believe that we should keep learning new things for lifetime and I genuinely love to spend (which I called Investment) for my self-growth.

Again this is my personal experience that mostly it happens that whenever we want to do some seminar, course, certification or anything which can be useful for our career, we usually stuck at Fees! (It’s true believe me)This is because we never think about it before, we never pre-plan for it.

Let me give you example of mine:

It was June 2010 and I wanted to do one course called Your Money Secret. Somehow I managed to do basic one but then stuck at doing advance one. The reason was: I was not having enough money to pay for it at that time.

From that Month I decided to Save 10% of my salary and will spend those 10% salary only for My Development and recently I have joined one course called Kick Start Cash to learn Affiliate from that money.

So these are just 3 Habits that I have developed from last 3 months and I am successfully following those 3 habits. I have got lot of benefit out of it. If you are also passionate about your profession, develop such habits for yourself and stick with it strictly.

Do you have developed some baits or planning to develop some in future? Please comment here. I would love read some feedbacks from all of you.