Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My two weeks challenge..

Let’s do something cool…

Yes, I have decided to start my blog with something cool and I have decided to take a cool challenge for two weeks.

And my cool challenge for me is:
Learn 1 new thing every day in terms of SEO, Which I dint have idea before. Yes and I have started it from 10th January 2010 – Monday. My challenge will end on 24th January 2010 – Monday.

10th January 2010 – I learn something on Google adsense. I learn that getting good or worst pay depends on the place where we place adsensce, the niche we are writing on, size of ad banner etc.
For example: If one has celebrity blog and has adsense for celebrity niche he get less paid by google, however one get more paid on health, marketing, finance etc..

11th January 2010 – One can earn money through developing and offering facebook applications also. There are many companies which are developing facebook applications for their clients and their clients offer such applications on facebook and they get paid.
Hm… that means I usually get 100s of facebook applications request but now I understand that people earning money from this. Cool na?

12th January 2010 – I learn that people earn money from posting ads and banners from other companies to their blogs and sites.
Exp: One can open an account to amazon for affiliate and they can download ads and place that ads to their blogs and sites.

13th January 2010 – I learn that there are free banner design tools available where you can create your ads and there are banner submission sites where you can send your banners (type of website promotion)

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Hetal said...

Hi Hetal,
How are you?
Its also a big surprise for me. We have many similarities.
Thanks for your comments.
I have big collection of gujarati, hindi and english songs. But Gujarati songs are closed to my heart.
I am very much lazy to update my blogs :D
so I am suggesting you two mast gujarati sites.