Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pixel Submission in SEO – an old SEO Technique!!

Yes today I m talking about Pixel Submission in SEO. Have you heard this before ?

Frankly saying, I dint heard about before this post. So today I decided to search for it. This is what I got.

Pixel Submission in SEO:

There are several special sites which are offering you free or paid pixel submission for your site. That means such sites allocate some pixels of their site to post your website’s ad.

When I Google with the phrase “Free pixel ads”, I got following sites which are offering pixel submission.

How to do Pixel Submission?

(1) Choose pixels (place) where you want to put your websites ad.
(2) Fill required details like URL, Name of the link and Image
(3) That’s It you are done.

However I also try to ask some expert people in SEO about pixel submission in SEO.

One can read here what experts say about pixel Submission Here:
What is Pixel Submission in SEO?
(Digital Point Forum)


• Some say it will be link farm as whole website page will be full of links (ads) so may be Search Engines won’t like it.

• Some Say it is the technique which was used many years ago when SEO was just emerge but now a days it is not used.

Anyways that’s it for today.
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thebotnet784431415 said...

This is a really cool and neat little trick! This is my third article I have read here and I love everything so far! Definitely gonna bookmark/subscribe. Thak you!!!! :)

Hetal Shah said...

I am so glad i have readers like u. This is my small effort to gaining knowledge and sharing with otters what I have.

Please fell free to suggest some ideas and suggestions. So that we together make this blog knowledgeable and cool to learn something new.

I really like your website theme. Wish you all the best and please keep in touch.

Have a rocking day ahead..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this with us and making it completely easy to follow! I am new to your blog and am looking forward to reading more great articles from you!

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Hetal Shah said...

Hey tahnks for viiting my blog nd thankuuu for your sweet comment also..

I saw your site... It has a good content and nd made with helpful concept..

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Wish U all the best 4 ur site..
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Forex India said...

Yes in Pixel Submission, you buy ads and pay per pixel - the first person to do this made $1 million but after all the hype it doesnt seem to have the same effect.

Hetal Shah said...

thanx Forex India..
this is something new I know now tht " the first person to do this made $1 million but after all the hype it doesnt seem to have the same effect."

thanx for this additional Information...
Keep in touch..

seo leeds said...

This method is new for me and I learnt your article about pixel submission its interesting.

thanks for sharing.