Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Write an Effective Blog and Website Review

There are many writers in the market but it is really tough to get quality writers now a days. Here are very useful tips for writers who want to write effective website review or blog review.

(1) Start with initial impression of blog or website. This part will include how website or blog looks at first sight. It is very important for any website that at a glance user should get general idea about website.

(2) Design, Layout and Navigation: Then look at design, layout and navigation of website or blog. All these three features play vital role in making website or blog attractive.

(3) Content and Usability: Here examine website for grammar, language and usability of content. Website with poor grammar and tough language can never attract visitors. Also it should not content too complex technical words for any newbie.

(4) Message to Convey: Any website or blog is created with some purpose or some message to convey. It is very important that that purpose should be fulfill with all Web Pages and blog posts.

I have read somewhere: "A courage strains after the corpse."


e-Definer Technology - Web Design Company said...
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Harry Davies said...

Nice post Shah..

ya your right now a days its very difficult to find quality seo Content Writers. and nice post too..

Sasha said...

Hi, I found your post is very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well.Keep it that way.

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