Saturday, April 17, 2010

5 Reasons why twitter is getting more poplularity?

There are many social media and bookmarking sites available. May be millions but still SEO people give much importance to twitter. Here are five reasons which makes twitter better than others.

(1) In twitter people follow their friends, colleges, celebrities and majorly people from same field. When you share your thought or link on twitter, it is automatically visible to all your followers as an update from you. Similarly when people followed by you publish some tweets it automatically comes to you. So its very easy for some to get all updates.

It’s very simple to follow someone in twitter but if we compare it with others you need confirmation from those people whom you want to follow unless you will never know what they are doing?

(2) There are no Thumbs up and down. There is no vote + and – so not to worry about that.

(3) When someone retweet your tweet it will be automatically visible to his followers. So it’s like doubling your sharing which helps a lot in getting popularity.

(4) Twitter allows only 140 chars to share at a time so no lengthy boring story sharing just short and sweet.

(5) Most of smart phone owners use twitter on their mobile phone and there are various interesting twitter applications especially for mobile phones so one can continuously keep in touch with followers.

These are some small points but still makes twitter most popular among all other social media sites. These are also important for those who are actively interact on such social media sites.

This is what I thought…
Please share what you are thinking? What is your favorite social media site? Why?


John said...

Very Nice post hetal. I am also agree with you now people turning towards twitter because lots of privacy and data security issues are there with FB and other SMOs.

Nice post.
Keep it up.

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Making Money Quick said...

Just wanted to come over here and visit your blog. This is a very good post. Even though I agree with Twitter's popularity I believe that you can get maximum exposure by using Twitter and FB together.

Dharak Sandeep said...

Prefect and Nice.
Point you mentioned are real fact. I think there is some thing special in your post. keep writing these kind of posts.